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Having an in home work out is extremely important for anybody looking to get into serious shape because even when you miss the gym you can still get your training done. With the hectic schedules that so many people have making it to the gym for every work out is almost impossible but when the gym is at home that allows for much more flexibility.

The main thing that you are going to have to do at home is replace things that you'd do in the gym with simpler things that you can do at home.

The one piece of equipment that I would say is a must is a step of some kind. If you aren't able to buy an aerobic step platform then simply use the stairs or a stool that you have. With this you can replace your cardio routine with a variety of movements.

The first that I would recommend is the ‘step run.' This is simply placing one foot on the ground and one on the step thereafter alternating them in the same way you would if you were running on the spot.

Doing this for 10 minutes would produce the same results as the same amount of time on an inclined treadmill.

Next would be press ups for working your chest. Instead of doing just one kind of press up what I would like you to do is find 4 different grips or positions of the hands that you are comfortable with. An example would be having a wide hand position, a shoulder width hand position, centre hand position and lastly the ‘diamond' hand position.

After finding these 4 positions what you are going to do is find out how many press ups you can do at a go in the shoulder width hand position. Divide that number by 4 and then do that number of press ups at each different hand position per set. An example would be doing 15 of each if your maximum was 60 press ups.

Lastly for your legs doing squats without weight and thereafter immediately doing calf raises would produce wonderful results.

The work out may not be as intense as what you can achieve in the gym but it would definitely make up for the days that you miss.

If you'd like to check out another great quick work out that you can do at home I'd recommend The 7 Minute Body Work - Out Program.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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The In Home Work Out

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This article was published on 2012/05/03